Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank You to My Supporters

It was gratifying to me that voters selected me for another term on the Plainfield City Council. This campaign was a trying experience for me and my family. It was disheartening to see attacks on family and on my running mate Dee. These attacks made the support of friends all that more important.

There are too many people to thank in one blog post but I will try to thank each of them personally. I am proud to be associated with the many good people who got involved with this campaign. They did it because they love Plainfield and know that, with a more effective government, it can be a better place to live than it is today.

Even though we did not win every race on June 7, the fight for a better local Democratic Party, a better municipal government and a better Plainfield must and will go on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cory,

Congratulations! You have been a good Councilman and your Voters recognized this and re-elected you.

As you mentioned in your blog today it was "disheartening" to see campaign literature sent out by Mr. Green that was petty, irrelevant and twisted the truth. Not only did it hurt you and your family personally, it also hurt your opponents campaign.

This is unfortunate for all involved. For what it is worth I hope to someday express those sentiments directly to the Chairman. Though I must mention that even though Mr. Rucker ran on the line that Mr. Green controls, Mr. Green did not serve on Mr. Rucker's campaign.

I also recall your campaign member Dan Damon calling your neighbor, friend and opponent Tony Rucker a thief and compared him to the Nazi's. I am happy you spoke out about these attacks generated on your side. Unfortunately they weren't just the twisting of facts they were out and out vicious lies.

It would certainly be nice that when we tell this story in the years to come that we could end it by saying "and Cory Storch's campaign member retracted his statements and apologized to Mr. Rucker. All is well in the Neighborhood."

As you know it is important for me that both sides are heard. And I will continue to speak out about them when I feel they are not.

jim spear

Anonymous said...

The democratic voters confirmed that you will stand for election in November, lets not jump the gun.