Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Plainfield Police are Accredited

This is an impressive accomplishment and one that reflects well on the whole department.  Police Director Carl Riley has led the department through an arduous and time consuming process that includes a lot of policy development and employee training over a number of years.  It culminates with a survey team of outside experts closely examining whether or not our police department measures up to an extensive set of best practice standards.  Since best practices evolve over time, accreditation must be maintained and periodically renewed through ongoing employee and policy development.

Accreditation is standard practice in the health care world.  The organization I work for, Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services, goes through this practice every three years.  Our funders require that we do so.   It is not easy and requires the commitment of every person in the organization.  What makes the police accreditation particularly notable is that it is not required of police departments in New Jersey but we did it anyway.  Because of the desire to continually improve the public safety services to our community.  Kudos! Congratulations to everyone: from the director to the captains to the front line officers, dispatchers, administrative assistants, IT staff and anyone I might have left out.  It cant be done without a total team effort.