Monday, April 18, 2016

Why I Support Anderson - Hurtt - Pile for School Board

The current Board of Education needs to change.  There is a problem with transparency and, as Lynn Anderson says, how can you know where you're going without a vision and without knowing where you are today.  It is too difficult for parents, for the community to understand where the Plainfield Public Schools are today because the school board makes it so. 

And there are legitimate questions about how the Board spends money.  Moving the election back to April, instead of November, will cost the schools $99,000 this year and a similar amount every year going forward.  That's because Plainfield is the only town in Union County that isn't having its Board of Ed election in November.  Wilma Campbell, the current Board president and head of the ticket against change, claims that voting in April keeps the Board election from being political.  That argument has no credibility. 

There is another quality candidate on the ballot, running alone.  But to change the Board of Education, you have to have a majority of  5.  Anderson, Hurtt and Pile would make that change happen.  I hope you will join me on Tuesday to support these candidates.  If they prevail, Plainfielders will have a Board that wants us to know the school districts strengths and weaknesses, that will hold the Superintendent accountable for carrying out a vision backed up by measureable objectives, ones that are shared by the community.