Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Traffic Safey on Council Agenda

I am happy to say that our city administration, and in this case our police division, is getting the job done.  The latest example is additional stop signs at the intersections of Hillside Ave and Evergreen Ave. and Hillside and Prospect Ave.  In the past, complaints about cars speeding in residential neighborhoods resulted in lots of talk and reasons we couldn't or shouldn't do something about it.  I was beginning to think that the words "referred to the traffic safety committee" meant "no further action is warranted".

At last nights council meeting, Police Director Carl Riley explained that the most recent complaints about Hillside Ave led to studies on frequency of accidents.  As a result ordinances are on the July agenda for approving the additional stop signs.

Another good sign (forgive the pun) is that the police are studying other dangerous intersections for future action.  Among them are intersections along Putnam Ave.  Action on Putnam is personal for me as a good friend died in a car crash at a Putnam intersection some years back (rest in peace Sonny).  Neighbors have complained about this street for years and my interventions didn't lead to action.  Now we wait for Director Riley to let us know what will come out of police studies.

Another dangerous intersection is East 7th St and Central, one corner of which is the Maxson School soccer fields.  While campaigning there in May with (then) city committee candidate (Terrance Bellamy, now elected city committeeman), he told me of many accidents at that corner and asked for help.  I asked City Administrator Rick Smiley for interim action to be taken while waiting for a determination on a traffic light or stop sign.  The next day the Central stop sign poles were covered top to bottom with red reflective tape, making them much more noticeable at night.

After years of being bogged down with inaction, our city government is making the right moves.  I am grateful for these small signs of progress.  Sometimes a small step can be big, as in saving a life.

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th Parade

Walking in the parade doesn't allow you to see the parade.  So I walked back along the parade route until I found the Plainfield H.S. marching band.  I knew that would be a highlight.

The High School cheerleaders
Our Marching Band
East Orange Silver Steppers

 Flor Gonzalez, Parade Grand Marshall, with Joe Cryan

Members of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee