Sunday, September 27, 2015

Traffic Safety update

Four way stops signs have been installed at the following locations:
  • Hillside Ave and Prospect Ave
  • Hillside Ave and Evergreen Ave.
The police department have determined that making these intersections 4 way stops is justified after reviewing traffic accident history.

I have requested that Putnam Ave also be considered.

Our Public Works department has arranged with Union County to resurface parts of Woodland Ave between  East 7th St and Evergreen Ave.  The road has already been milled and paving will take place beginning Monday, September 28, weather permitting.  Thanks to city hall for a low cost solution to Woodland Ave road conditions.

We will need to depend on different strategies in addition to the repaving program.  The way we have been going, with the complete repaving of $3 or $ million worth of roads each year, we will never bring Plainfield up to the standard we want.  Roads deteriorate faster than we can repave them.  Road maintenance and repair is needed, along with our repaving program.  Thank you Public Works and Union County for the Woodland repairs - instead of waiting another 3 to 5 years for repaving!