Thursday, June 2, 2011

Park Ave/East Ninth St Improvements

It's been a four year wait but work has finally begun to improve this intersection. Bernice Paglia's blog post in February 2007 gives the background on the project. I want to reinforce that credit is due to two Plainfield residents, Maria Pellum and Barbara Kerr. When they first heard about the safety enhancements planned for the intersection, they saw an opportunity. "Why not beautify the city at the same time". They drafted a plan to add attractive lighting, seating and landscaping on the peninsula.

I helped them get an audience with the county engineers and after some negotiating, an excellent plan was conceived. When the county agreed to some of the new features but not all, a big assist came from April Stefel from the Plainfield Planning Department. She advocated successfully that the city contribute to the enhancements.

The rest is covered by Bernice.

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