Sunday, June 5, 2011

Partners in Nasty, Dishonest Campaigning

Tony Rucker and I promised each other that we would stick to the issues and not get personal.

When my supporter, Dan Damon, got out of line, I called him on it - publicly. I have been telling my campaign team since the beginning to stay cool and be positive.

Tony has not kept his part of the agreement. I never expected Jerry Green to run a clean campaign but Tony has an opportunity to distance himself from Jerry's ugly behavior. Will he take responsibility for his supporters behavior? Four years ago, Tony's campaign hired Park Hotel residents to picket the Evergreen School polling place on election day with signs claiming I was trying to put them on the streets. I asked the Park Hotel residents if they knew who I was and they stated that they had no idea who I was. When I confronted Tony, he said he knew nothing about this exploitive stunt.

Now we see a dirty mailing piece from the column A/Jerry Green team getting personal with my family and my running mate. Let's look at what the Green/Rucker/Greaves team are saying.

Greaves opponent is Dee Dameron, my running mate. Dee came back to Plainfield to help her mother. Dee is a fine person who has done nothing except make positive contributions to our community through her work with a non profit organization, her volunteer work on the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee and her steadfast advocacy for residents at City Council meetings.

My daughter was in a summer intern program the PMUA ran for dozens of students. She was part-time during the summer and did real work.Her internship took place before I was ever elected to the City Council. Are my opponents saying that Plainfield students do not deserve opportunities to learn and work in Plainfield?

This statement is not taken personally but is an example of the many distortions put out by Jerry Green during election season. The economic development study referred to was done by Rutgers University at no cost to Plainfield. And there have been no contracts awarded to any vendors for this initiative. This distortion only serves to divert attention from the many contracts awarded that benefit Jerry Green.

This campaign mailer is distateful, unethical and untrue. I make no comment on Jerry Green's character. There is still a brief opportunity, however, for Tony Rucker and Vera Greaves to show some character.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mr. Mapp, Can yoy tell me how the city was able to hire several convicted felons in the public works department through the recreation budget. I have tried to get a job through public works and have been unsucessful. I do not have a criminal record. I am not a murderer. I thank GOD that the thugs have come together with the mayor but we reward them with taxpayer dollars and hire them when you guys will not give a chance to a college student or myself because we are not connected. I'm very disappointed in plainfield. The felons that have been hire have committed murder's have several drug charges. Mr. Abdul-Houck only had a drug charge many years ago and can not get a honest break. PLEASE HELP.

Anonymous said...

Is this true?

I just want to know: Did you or the New Democrats in any form of organization, at any time, take any money from the PMUA?

Also what about other vendors?

B Bryer
Chetwynd Avenue

Cory Storch said...

Dear Mr Bryer

The allegation that I took money from the PMUA is not true. There is a high level of desperation to the attacks on me and my running mate. I would read everything you receive in the mail or through the blogs with a critical eye.