Thursday, June 2, 2011

Regarding Campaign Silly Season, 2011

Dan Damon's blog comparing Tony Rucker to Nazis was uncalled for and in poor taste. It also doesn't help us focus on issues to use the word "thief" to describe Tony. Putting a question mark after the word doesn't make it any better.

I made a promise that if any of my supporters stepped over the line, I would speak out on it. Using false assertions and personal attacks only diverts us from an important discussion on Plainfield's real issues and problems. Luckily for Tony, nobody takes Dan's "Nazi" comment seriously. Any damage done is to me, by association.

On the other side, I hope Tony will publicly apologize for untrue and misleading statements he has made about me taking money from the PMUA. Tony's people doctored up a campaign fund report and blurred it so it is unreadable and are claiming this is proof I took the PMUA's money. I state for the record that I have never nor never will take money from the PMUA. The only flow of funds between the PMUA and me is not in my direction. But don't take my word for it, dear reader. Google New Jersey ELEC (stands for Election Law Enforcement Commission) and do a candidate report search using my name. You will see every report I have filed since 1999.

And Tony, your allegation I took money from a shell organization is completely false and misleading. Don't you know that you are sharing a campaign headquarters and phone bank with Assemblyman Green (and therefore getting contributions from him). He is connected to the most substantial flow of pay to play campaign contributions in New Jersey, funneled through various campaign accounts and political action committees. You are a minor beneficiary of this, just as every Plainfield Democratic candidate before you. I study the ELEC reports and I believe that, over the years, there are only a few local candidates who can proudly say that most of their contributions come from sources other than pay to play. Ironically, you and I are in that small group ( I am giving you the benefit of the doubt because I can't find your ELEC reports).

I also expect Tony to speak out on the nasty and false attacks that his campaign people are making about my record. We did agree at the beginning of the campaign to stick to the issues. Prove that you have command of the issues and some real solutions. That's the way to win votes.

Tony - this is a moment of truth. Are you going to do the honorable thing and rise above the ugliness and irrelevance that sometimes mars Plainfield political campaigns?


Anonymous said...

Hey Cory, I have tried to stay neutral in this campaign as all three candidates on the ballot for the 2nd Ward Council seat live in my neighborhood, they are my neighbors, they are my friends. But I have campaigned on the opposite side of the party you represent and it's important to me that you take a look from both sides. I have expressed this to you previously in quiet conversations.

I commend you for speaking out against Dan Damon's outrageous Nazi comparisons. It was the right thing to do. I must disagree with you that folks don't take Dan's comments seriously, eg. his April fools joke this year, for weeks people thought that some kind of Chinese food company was to move into the Armory. For some residents Dan Damon's blog is their only source of news for Plainfield.

Your blog post urges Tony to retract some statements that you feel are not accurate but I don't see where you have asked your campaign member Dan Damon to retract ?

You can't have it both ways.

jim spear

Cory Storch said...

I did not mention that I asked Dan Damon to retract his comment but I did, in fact, ask him to do so. I have asked him many times in the past to tone down his blog posts. Obviously I do not control what he says on his blog.

I've also asked another blogger to retract a blog post recently.