Monday, May 27, 2013

Budget Hearings

The City Council is moving towards budget adoption.  Budget hearings are in process.  Council members and the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee are hearing department heads and their key people present their budget requests for the new year.  The new year started January 2013.  Why budgets are adopted after the year begins is another story.  Suffice to say that it is considered good form in municipal government to adopt a budget 3 months into the year. Plainfield has been adopting 5-6 months, sometimes longer into the year and this year it looks like 6 months.

A recent hearing included the Municipal Court judge, the Tax Assessor, Tax Collecter and Treasurer.   Fiscal audit findings were discussed.  The administration claims to have fixed most of the findings and is working on the rest.  Since we have had repeat findings throughout the Robinson Briggs administration, I will wait to hear from our independent auditor.

The Tax Collector was the most interesting for me. The previous Tax Collecter left numerous problems and a backlog of work.  I assume that is why when I asked when the city was going to dispose of foreclosed properties that have reverted to Plainfield, I did not get an answer. Just we'll get back to you. The new person sounds capable and is working through them.  Let's hope for quick action on this.

Budget hearings continue Tuesday (Senior services, Plainfield Action Services, Women Infant and Childrens program (WIC), Health services) and Wednesday (taxes).  Hearings start and 7 pm and go to 9 pm.  I believe the location is t he Senior Center on East Front St but check the city website to make sure.

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