Sunday, May 19, 2013

Attention Adrian Mapp Supporters – The Plainfield Primary Election Has Too Much at Stake to Take For Granted

We have suffered 7.5 years under Mayor Robinson Briggs. Her inability to collaborate with other elected officials at local, county and state levels has brought city government to gridlock. Although she has a talent for kissing and hugging her constituents, it only applies to some of her constituents. Many others are completely ignored. Talented city managers refuse to come to Plainfield. The few effective ones who have taken work with her administration have left quickly when they realized the ingredients for success do not exist under Mayor Robinson Briggs.

People who are tuned in to Plainfield government, even those who initially supported Robinson Briggs, know that she cannot under any circumstances be allowed to succeed in the June 4 primary. With her poor track record and run of embarrassing incidents, why would anyone vote for her? The danger is that there are voters who have busy lives who are not tuned in to what is happening to Plainfield. And they see that the Mayor has a talent for kissing and hugging. They may take that to mean she cares about all of Plainfield. They may not know how bad things are at city hall. There are people who will vote for her.

This blog post is expressly for Adrian Mapp supporters. Do not take this election for granted. We know how effective Adrian will be and how disastrous it would be if the Mayor is re-elected. Even if you think Robinson Briggs has only a slim chance, the risk in this election is too great. Get out the vote. Every vote counts. Strange things do happen on election day and we've had all we can take of strange.

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