Sunday, June 2, 2013

Primary Voting is Important

Plainfield's next Mayor will be selected by the voters this Tuesday.  Plainfield newcomers:  the overwhelming percentage of registered Democrats compared to Republicans has led to a Democrat  as our Mayor ever since Paul O'Keefe held the seat in the late 1970's.  The only times since that Democrats have crossed over to non Democratic mayoral candidates in significant numbers were the Donald Harris campaign (he lost to Harold Mitchell) and Al McWilliams, who came amazingly close to beating Sharon Robinson Briggs in 2005 as a write -in candidate. And Al was a Democrat who was forced off the party line.

This time around we can all assume a Democrat will win the mayoral seat.  The race will be determined Tuesday, June 4 between Adrian Mapp and Sharon Robinson-Briggs.  Registered Democrats:  you will have a major say in the future of our city on election day.  The contrast between Adrian and Sharon could not be greater.One has a track record of successfully representing all Plainfielders and the other only gives the impression of representing all of Plainfield.  With all my heart, I hope Plainfield is victorious.  Go Adrian!!

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