Friday, November 11, 2011

Post election comments

I thank the voters for having confidence in me for another 4 years of service. Municipal officials and employees face real challenges and things will not get any easier. There is no evidence yet from the Mayor of a willingness to collaborate. I do not doubt her desire to see Plainfield succeed but she seems to want to go it alone. We must never close the door between Mayor and Council because the residents of Plainfield need us all to do the absolute best jobs we can do...together. I promise to meet this challenge.

Some supporters have commented that because I supported the Democratic ticket, that I have sold out my principles. There is nothing further from the truth. I ran against my local democratic party organization in the primary to earn the right to be on the Democratic line in November. I agreed to be part of a team for election with people that I sometimes disagree with. I will continue to have those disagreements but there are still some common values and strategies that I share with other Democrats. I share a belief that in our economic downturn everyone must share the pain, not just poor, working poor and middle class citizens. I believe that capitalism and government regulation can go hand in hand. These beliefs influence what I do as a councilman. But I do not walk in lock step with anyone, not the local party leader nor my allies on Council.

Time to get off my soap box. Plainfield faces serious problems. I believe that I can make a positive difference and I look forward to working with fellow residents for the betterment of Plainfield.

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