Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap

I spent the active hours of Halloween walking and driving around the 2nd Ward with my council colleague, Rebecca Williams. We were happy to see families on the streets having fun while feeling safe and secure. We spent time in the sections of town that get the most trick or treat action: Sleepy Hollow, Netherwood and Hillside historic district. There is a long standing tradition for families from all over town and out of town to trick or treat in these areas. Our tour confirmed that this tradition is thriving. We also saw some trick or treating behind Cook School and on Stilford and Thornton.

The downed trees made Halloween spookier than ususal. There are still a few blocks with no street lighting and most trick or treaters wisely paid attention to police barricades. The police were visible throughout the night and when we did our post curfew drive around, we did not see anyone on the streets.

A number of years ago some unfortunate incidents were giving Halloween a bad reputation nationwide. We experienced a drop off in trick or treating and a few local trouble makers caused many Plainfield residents to worry about the future of this great tradition. A few years ago, Councilman Rashid Burney, Police Director Martin Hellwig and concerned residents helped the Halloween comeback with a safety plan. Last night was proof that families feel comfortable taking to the streets and showing that Halloween is alive and well.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning my grandmother ask me to reach out to the council members about the PCTV she is no longer able to attend council or freeholder meetings so she watch the station for all the latest updates so she can make the right decision when it comes to her vote. The station have been playing nothing but board of education stuff going back to September. I have been watching the station also just so I can make sure Grandma wasn't missing anything and all this weekend i must have watch the opening of school at least times. We have been trying to catch the WBLS expenditures meeting and it have not been played not once this weekend. Please find out why we can not see council meeting going back to september. I dont know if you council members watch your station but WE are tired of watching the board of education and not the city council meetings. Grandma pay her taxes to the city of plainfield and at least she should be able to watch the meetings.



Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell you that we had about 100 kids. They were all adorable and well behaved. Can't wait until next year.