Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pay to Play Reform Passes!

Last night was an important moment for local government. The City Council approved four reform ordinances that will change the way city hall bids and contracts for professional services. Three of the four ordinances passed unanimously and the fourth, the most important one of all, passed with five votes. The Mayor has 10 days to let these ordinances stand or she can use her veto power.

These ordinances do not end pay to play. For that to happen, the state legislature would have to approve much stronger legislation closing significant loopholes. On the local level, Plainfield can consider strengthening the legislation we just approved. Let's have that discussion 10 days from now.

As Councilwoman Rebecca Williams pointed out, we can urge the PMUA Board of Commissioners and the School Board to approve similar reform measures through policy resolutions. That will be a question I put to the two PMUA Commission nominees that the Mayor just put forward.

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Bob said...

Thank you for the time and energy you put into these historic measures. Perhaps we are moving in the right direction.

Bob Bolmer