Monday, May 18, 2015

What the Plainfield Democratic Primary Election is About

The voters have a real choice in this election. Its about leadership, integrity and competence and the campaign literature illustrates it well.  The Storch Goode team led by Mayor Adrian Mapp emphasizes the progress Plainfield has made in the 16 months he's been in office. There is a vision for the betterment of Plainfield.  The message from our opponents is mostly negative.

There are some astonishing lies coming from the Jerry Green team.  One that is misleading, ironic and shameless at the same time is about grant money Plainfield has lost.  Jerry's team, which includes former Mayor Sharon Robinson Briggs, says Mayor Mapp lost $500,000 in grant money.  The fact is this money was lost during Robinson Briggs administration.  The grain of truth to their claim is that the money was given back by Mapps administration.  That's because the grants were mismanaged by Robinson Briggs people and the grant periods expired.  We had to give the money back.  Apparently the grants were mismanaged to the extent that Robinson Briggs wasn't even aware that the money wasn't being used.  So Plainfield lost these resources. 

When Adrian Mapp took office he appointed qualified people to take charge of the financial mess left by Robinson Briggs.  They cleaned up the grants mess.  This included a resolution passed by the 2015 City Council effectively canceling the grant accounts so the money could be sent back to the funders.  So Plainfield can hopefully get back in the good graces of these funders for future projects.

What is truly sad is that Robinson Briggs is back on the Jerry Green team  This is after he lost faith in her and turned to Adrian Mapp in the last mayoral primary election.  For some reason, Jerry keeps undermining Plainfield mayors - Mark Fury, Al McWilliams, Sharon Robinson Briggs and now Adrian Mapp.  Does this list go back far enough?  I'm not sure.

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