Saturday, May 9, 2015

Public Safety - What Barry Goode and I Stand For

Voters have to sift through the verbiage to find candidates they want to support.  Here is what Barry and I stand for on public safety so you can compare us to our opponents:

Plainfield residents need to feel safe and be safe in their homes, neighborhoods and downtown.  We back that up with specific pledges:
  • as Council members, we will make sure that there are sufficient funds for surveillance cameras to be working in our downtown and around crime hot spots.  After many years of talk, its about time we make this happen.
  • as Alcoholic Beverage Control commissioners, we will strictly enforce the rules at bars with a lot of criminal activity.  Right now some of these bars are using our police to respond to these problems.  Our police are serving as their security force and the taxpayers are picking up the bill.  Going forward, these bars will pay the consequences of the problems they cause.  If they can't, we will shut them down.  Our residents will have top priority for police respond to calls for help.
  • we will redirect the huge overtime pay budget to hire new officers so we can come back to the full compliment of officers we need.  Crime fighting takes precedence over building pensions.
  • we will give our full support to the Mayor and Police Director as they refocus our police resources for the benefit of our residents.  The City Council, as it is today, is not supportive and actually makes it more difficult for city hall to make the positive changes Plainfield needs.
Support Barry Goode and me in Column C in the Democratic primary on June 2.  I challenge our opponents to say what they will do for Plainfield.  Will they do more than criticize and complain?  Do they have specific plans to help Plainfield other than merely saying they are for Plainfield? 

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