Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why I voted no on Monday

Maybe my microphone wasn't working properly.  Maybe some people didn't understand my explanation.  But it never hurts to explain yourself again, especially speaking as an elected official.

Before  new items can be voted on, they must be moved onto the agenda with a super-majority of five votes.  On the new resolutions to move Adrian Mapps nominees Carl Riley and Sideeq El-Amin to the agenda, I voted no.  In executive session it was clear that the City Council was not ready to give consent to these nominees.  Moving them to the agenda for advice and consent meant their nominations would be defeated, that the door would close on these nominees.  I believe that for at least one, the door could remain open if the Council has more time to deliberate.  That is the Councils right and its duty. My vote was to give the Council more time, to not close the door. A resolution can be brought back if the Council is willing.

I've heard that my vote was interpreted as a lack of support to the Mayor.  I support Adrian Mapp.  It is accurate to say that I am a very enthusiastic and strong supporter of Adrian and have been throughout his political career.  I will do everything within my power to work with the City Council to reach a positive resolution on the two nominees in limbo, one that the Mayor and Council can live with.

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