Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mayor Mapp Needs Your Support Monday 6 PM at Plainfield High School.

At Mondays re-organization meeting, Mayor Adrian Mapp will present his nominees for cabinet positions for City Council approval.  Five days into his new position as mayor, I still can't say for sure that the Council will support his nominees.  This is a disservice to all residents.  His nominees should be a slam dunk.

Our previous Mayor presented her cabinet nominees to the Council and received City Council support regularly, even though we had a lot of turnover and candidates had to be presented many times in her 8 years of service as Mayor.  The Council votes on her nominees never, I repeat never, went along the lines of political division between "regular" and "new" Democrats.  Why?  Because we all felt it would be a disservice to the city not to give the Mayor a chance to "sink or swim" (as the saying goes) with the team she was building.

That's the way it should work at all levels of government.  We can see how in Washington DC obstructionist Republican congress members are doing all they can to prevent President Obama from succeeding.  And it hurts everyone.  Chief executives of governmental units, whether they be Mayors, Governors or the President deserve to build their leadership teams. 

Adrian Mapp's nominees are qualified.  The Council interviewed them.  The last round of interviews was done this past Monday.  The candidates for Police Director and Deputy Director for Economic Development answered all the Councils questions.  I am convinced they can have a significant impact in Plainfield if given the chance.  I have not felt so good about Mayoral nominees in the 10 years I've been on the Council.

And yet, the day before the Council vote I cannot say for sure what will happen.  Because of this uncertainty, this re-organization meeting will be the most important Council meeting of the year.

We do not want to look back on Monday four years from now and say "why don't we have progress on economic development"?  "Why don't we have more community policing and a lower crime rate"?  "Why don't we have talented leaders in city hall to carry out the Mayors campaign promises"?

It is critical that citizens attend and express their views on this subject.  Monday 6 PM at Plainfield High School.

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