Thursday, November 8, 2012

Power outage update

We have around 6000 electric meters still disconnected (out of 18,000!). Our Public Works Director was told by PSE&G that most of them would be connected by the end of the weekend. That is appalling. It is clear that our utility company does not have enough resources on the ground in Plainfield.

We have 2 dozen city trees or private trees in the city right of way still entangled with power lines.  PSE&G crews must take the next step to fix power lines, poles and transformers.  Then Plainfield crews come in behind and clean up the trees and branches left behind.  If a tree on private property falls on a power line on private property, the property owner is responsible and most coordinate tree removal with the utility company.

It is optimistic to think PSE&G can keep to the timetable so we should be thinking mid next week instead. That is no consolation to people with no heat and a rather cold night coming.

I can say that every day, including today, I am hearing that homes and businesses are getting power back. East Front St. and Roosevelt came back this morning, Stilford Ave yesterday.

I do believe our DPW crews are doing a great job and are not the cause of delayed power restoration. Dept of Public Works crews are ready to come in after PSE&G to remove wood after PSE&G gets the power lines and poles fixed. They plowed the snow in a timely way from what I could see early this morning. They are making plans for tree stump removal and leaf pickup once everyone has power again. But there are still at least 16 streets blocked because of downed power lines! And 6000 homes and businesses without power.

I spoke with Assemblyman Jerry Green today about the legislative pressure being applied to the Board of Public Utilities. He is already on it.

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