Sunday, November 11, 2012

Power coming back (written Saturday, posted Sunday)

Checking on the worst disasters in the second ward on Saturday, I saw utility repair crews on Oxford (the worst street I've seen for damage), Sleepy Hollow Lane, Garden, Columbia and at the end of the day, in the dark, finally, on Belvidere Ave.  Power on Garden came back just as I got there and it was a relief to see people singing and shouting in front of their homes.  A similar scene took place on Columbia with Lennie Cathcart leading the choir. 

Residents had nothing but praise  for the crews who hail from Florida, Connecticut, Wisconson and more locations than I could keep track of.  The crew on Garden St.gave praise back, saying that Plainfield residents were welcoming, supportive and appreciative of their work.  This reinforces the view that Plainfield feels more like a small town than a city and is one of the reasons we Plainfielders are proud of our town..

The Garden St block leader advocated for the removal of the remaining street trees to prevent future danger and inconveniences.  There are still some towering oak trees growing on a narrow strip between the street and sidewalk.  This applies to so many trees in Plainfield that it is a very expensive idea to implement.  Especially as we would want to replace these trees with smaller ones on the Shade Tree Commission list, ones that won't disrupt power lines or heave up sidewalks.

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