Friday, September 16, 2011

Plainfield Library Childrens Room Opening

Last night my first reaction, upon walking into the new children's room, was astonishment. Then delight. The library staff and the board is to be commended and special kudos goes to library director Joe DaRold. This is an example of how commitment to excellence can demonstrate how special a place Plainfield is.

The leadership at the library carried out a vision to inspire Plainfield youth. It's inspiring to adults also, for a number of reasons:

* The board took on a financial commitment to make this happen. They went beyond asking government to do for them. They made this a public - private partnership, enabling them to go beyond a plain vanilla renovation project. You have to see it for yourselves.

* The libarary board saw this as an investment in Plainfield, not merely a project. The additional cost of this room will bring us real returns in the long run. It will bring more children into the library and instill the message that learning is fun.

* It will add to the positive "buzz" about Plainfield when out of towners visit this special place. We need this big time to counteract the negative media coverage of Plainfield. (That's why we need to invest in streetscape improvement projects and historic preservation whenever possible).

* Plainfielders need more reasons to take pride in our city. We now have one more reason.

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Anonymous said...

when are my taxes going to go down?