Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kensington Ave speed humps

I heard that the speed humps were removed. The installation was not done according to Plainfield's specifications and there was a dispute with the contractor about getting a fix. A new contractor has been brought in to do them according to specs. I thought they were just going to be be shaved down so this is a surprise. I will provide updates as new information becomes available.

There will be no additional cost to Plainfield as enough money was withheld from the payments to the original contractor to cover the corrective actions needed.


Anonymous said...

No councilman, I do not want UPDATES, I want accountability.
Why were they not done according to specs? Who allowed that to happen? Who chose the contractor? What will be implemented so that this does not happen again.

I can give myself an update by riding down Kennsington, I want to know WHY this happened.

Anonymous said...

A day late and a dollar short. Put them in, take them out. Build it up, watch it fall down. Spin the wheels.

No one's going anywhere fast around these parts. Even your WBLS investigation barely touches the surface. Your Council approves the department heads, or lack thereof, that bring us all this stuff. Or non-stuff, as the case may be.

Bob said...

Thank you Councilman Storch. This is long over due. And thank you for keeping things open and transparent for the people of Plainfield.

Bob Bolmer

Michael Townley said...

It's really not possible to shave down the speed bumps. The integrity of the bumps would be compromised and they would not withstand the impact of tires over the years.

I am glad to hear (for the first time, for me) that the speed humps were not done to specifications. I had written a letter to Mayor and Council with my concerns, but never received a reply.

South Plainfield is installing speed humps (actually constructed more like a speed table - slight rise, flat area, then slight decline - in neighborhoods where residents request them. Vehicles can handle them at a comfortable 25 mph to 30 mph, which accomplishes the goal of getting speeds on residential streets down to the 25 mph limit. The closest one to try out would be Rahway Avenue, which is at the end of Central Avenue.

Cheryl said...

Cory, you should ride down Kennsington Ave,and you would see and feel the changes that were made last week.This was done by a new contractor.