Monday, May 13, 2019

Road Signs in Plainfield

Please excuse the pun but the improving condition of Plainfield's roads are a sign of progress in city hall.  Our roads are no longer a source of frustration or a symbol of long term neglect by local government. 

We began a city-wide paving plan 12 years ago.  But we were playing catch up and we didn't make much headway until the Mapp administration came to city hall.  Now we have an accelerated paving program.  

What's more - we have begun to do what our engineers have been saying for years: maintain our roads by sealing the cracks to slow down deterioration and extend the life of our roads.  Go to a shopping mall to see how for profit businesses invest in road upkeep.  Just park your car and look down. Mall owners and operators know that crack sealing is cost effective.

We still have many roads that haven't been paved for too long.  A typical road should last 15 to 20 years or more with proper maintenance.  With our accelerated paving plan, we will get caught up and then we will be able to afford even more resources for extending the life of our roads. 

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