Monday, April 29, 2019

My Work in Behavioral Health

For those of you who know me primarily as a Councilman, I have another vocation.  It's more like a mission to me and I've been doing it for over 40 years.  I am CEO of Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services, a not for profit mental health service organization.  I am a rehabilitation counselor by training with a Masters degree.  I started as a counselor at Bridgeway when it was a small Elizabeth based day program for people discharged from Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital.  Over the years Bridgeway has been at the forefront of a growing community mental health support system and I have grown professionally along with the organization. 

Today Bridgeway serves the 10 northern New Jersey counties from 14 locations.  We serve over 4,0000 people annually with 350 full time employees.  Bridgeway specializes in providing evidence based services to people with the most complex and challenging mental health conditions.  In spite of the stigma attached to mental illness, recovery is possible and is likely given the right services and supports.

Many persons served by Bridgeway have co-occurring substance abuse and/or chronic medical conditions.  Some have struggled with homelessness or criminal justice involvement.  The complexity of these challenges has led Bridgeway to join with housing partners and work closely with the county jails and Prosecutors offices. 

Most of our services are provided by mobile, multi-disciplinary teams that operate 7 days a week and are accessible 24 hours a day.  One such team is Program of Assertive Treatment Team 2 located in Plainfield on Roosevelt Ave behind Pollo Comparo.

You can learn more about Bridgeway from our website - - or facebook.

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