Saturday, July 28, 2018

Gordon Fuller, A True Public Servant in Plainfield, Will Be MIssed

I learned yesterday that Gordon Fuller had passed away.  Sincere condolences go to Barbara, his children and his whole family.  Gordons extended family included many friends in the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District and throughout Plainfield.  Gordon was active in many local causes and truly instrumental in the success of duCret School of Arts and the Plainfield Planning Board.

I knew Gordon best through our work together on the Planning Board.  I was appointed in the late 1990s and Gordon had already been serving for many years.  I soon realized that Gordon was the person in the room with the most knowledge of the many facets of the municipal planning process - zoning, engineering, etc.  He was a person to listen to.  Not only that but the way he conducted himself at the meetings.  Professional, objective, polite, diplomatic when not agreeing with an applicant or another board member.  He was the historian when reference was made to the past.  In short, Gordon was a valuable asset to the city for many, many years.

Until I joined the Planning Board, I didn't fully understand how important it is to the well-being of a city, how in subtle and not so subtle ways it can influence the future and impact every resident.  Gordon understood this well and was a model that the rest of the board learned from at every meeting.  His influence on Plainfield has been as substantial as any elected or appointed local official.

I also got to know Gordon and Barbara at social events in town.  He was always fun and interesting to talk with and a gracious host for parties.  He was very committed to the DuCret School of Arts and served on it's board.

His families loss is also Plainfield's loss.

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