Monday, June 5, 2017

Plainfield needs the Adrian Mapp team.

I have been involved in local government for most of the 38 years I've lived in Plainfield.  I have not seen the kind of progress we are seeing in the last 3 plus years with Adrian Mapp as mayor.  This is especially true since the City Council majority, with the addition of Joylette Mills Ransome and Charles McCrae, became solidly with the Mayor this past January. 

We are not just a team.  We are a team for Plainfield.  Its been so long since Plainfield has had the Mayor and Council working together like we have.  There is an important distinction to be made.  We are not for Adrian Mapp first.  Plainfield comes first.  That's why we ran for office in the first place.

Some of you might not like all of us or everything we are doing,  I still urge you to vote for Mapp and Mills Ransome. I ask you to look around town at visible signs of progress.  Behind that are less obvious positive changes happening at city hall.  For you doubters, I hope you will come to the polling place and make a rationale decision, not one based on rumor and emotion. 

Plainfield had a good mayor in Al McWilliams but there were not enough years of Mayor Al and the City Council working together on a Plainfield agenda to make enough of a difference.  We now have that opportunity.

Steve Hockaday is the newcomer to the Mapp team.  As I get to know Steve, I am impressed and grateful that he is running for City Council.  He is an intelligent young man who is running for office for the right reason.  He has a Plainfield agenda.

This is a contested Democratic primary election.  Vote on June 6.  Support Plainfield.

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