Monday, September 26, 2016

Cleaning Up Our Community

This past Sunday morning, for the second week in a row, a group of Plainfielders did a clean-up around the downtown train station.  Its one thing to lament the sight of trash in our city but another thing entirely to volunteer your time and energy to a good cause like beautification of public places.  I thank those involved.  Sunday saw 15 people, including some from a Scotch Plains Boy Scout troop, clean up 20 large garbage bags of litter.  Thanks to the presence of three Shade Tree commissioners, trees were trimmed and shrubs were cut back to increase visibility and sight lines, improving public safety for pedestrians.  Some of the volunteers are pictured below:

It only took the initiative of several people to get these clean-ups started.  Notably, one of them,       Timothy, is new to Plainfield!  The group welcomes anyone to join them.  They will do another        clean-up next Sunday at a location to be announced, possibly Netherwood station.                            
Councilman Barry Goode is also taking the lead for community clean-ups.  He will be leading one     this coming Saturday from 9 AM to 12 PM, beginning at the corner of West Front and Clinton Ave. 
Please come up and support these efforts.  While some are arguing who is responsible for cleaning our streets and properties (NJ Transit?  City of Plainfield?  PMUA?), our neighbors are taking matters into their own hands.  This is not an unpaid job - your compensation is a feeling of satisfaction and meeting some wonderful community oriented neighbors.                            

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