Sunday, November 8, 2015

Post Election Thank You

I am very grateful to the many people who supported my re-election campaign.  Being a Councilman has its ups and downs but the volunteers and donors who were a part of our team are a main reason I want to continue on the City Council.  I have not been near a computer since Wednesday and there are so many acknowledgements to make.

Special thanks go to Lois who worked her vast network to get out our vote.  Adrian Mapp and Rebecca Williams once again were instrumental in our success.  Barry Goode campaigned harder than anyone I have ever seen in Plainfield, both in the primary and general elections.  I look forward to our working together on the Council.

Work obligations limited my door to door campaign and I had to depend on others more than ever, namely:
Dan Damon
Nat Singleton
Bob Bolmer
Mike Pyne
Mari Bonini
Anthony Howard
Carol Bicket (rumor is she left town but I don't think so)
Peter and Libby Price
Jeanette Criscone
Jim Spear
Belinda Smiley
Inez Durham
Mary Burgwinkle (among many roles, she's treasurer for Storch-Goode)
Greg Haworth
Bob Gregory
Ron Scott Bey
Charlie Weltner
Carmencita Pile
and many others

There is new hope for progress in Plainfield and I will do my utmost to help make it happen.

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