Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yard Waste Enforcement

For many years, Plainfielders have disregarded the state regulations on putting yard waste on the street for pick-up.  Bundles of branches, piles of leaves and brush were sitting on city streets for weeks and even months, creating unsightly and unhealthy conditions.  This problem was particularly acute in the years before Adrian Mapp became mayor because city pick-ups only occurred in the spring and fall.  Now they occur more frequently, throughout the year.  But the problem has not gone away. 

It is helpful to understand what is behind the state regulation - that yard waste must be put on the street right before scheduled pick-ups, not days or weeks ahead of time.  New Jersey wants to prevent yard waste, particularly leaves, from washing into storm sewers.  This debris eventually flows into streams and rivers, silting up and clogging the natural flow of water as it seeks the bays and ocean.

You can do your part to beautify our city and protect our environment.  If you see neighbors putting out their yard waste, don't assume the pick-up is the next day.  Check the city website for the pick-up schedule  (not the PMUA schedule).  Or put the city mailer with the schedule on your refrigerator for quick reference.  If you have a lawn service, tell them to follow the rules.  Some day the state will fine municipalities for non-compliance and Plainfield will have to fine property owners for early put-outs.  It will be a fine for the property owner, not the lawn service.

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