Monday, February 2, 2015

I am running for re-election

I am declaring my intention to run for re-election as 2nd ward City Councilman in the June Democratic primary.  I care deeply about Plainfield and believe that I have much to offer city government as we work to make Plainfield a better place. 

When I first decided to run for City Council, at the urging of Al McWilliams, I wanted to make a difference in a city government that was an impediment to progress in Plainfield, that there was tremendous untapped and frustrated potential waiting to be unleashed.  Certainly the last administration limited Plainfield's progress but still I made a difference. I will share my accomplishments as a Councilman and goals for the next four years in future blogs.

Plainfield's potential is actually increasing with the one seat ride and a decreasing crime rate. Now, with a new and more capable administration, I am highly motivated to complete unfinished business.  I have been an advocate for road paving, surveillance cameras and flood insurance rate reductions.  I feel strongly that my experience and knowledge of our city government  is needed to move these initiatives and others forward.  I have been a positive influence on the City Council as it struggles to cooperate with Mayor Adrian Mapp. 

The only reason I am running for Council is to make a difference for our city.  I am beholden to no-one except my constituents. I hope the way I have conducted myself, ethically and with common sense, will gain me your support in the June election.  

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olddoc said...

Cory, I am on principle against multiple terms in office. However, you have made such a special place in a body of incompetence that I unlike JG, most heartily support your candidacy.