Monday, September 9, 2013

The Street Festival Report

I went downtown last night to observe the festival.  I was particularly interested in when the amplified sound would be turned off.  Around 8:00 PM, there I was along with hundreds of festival goers.  There had to be a least 500, maybe 750 people there.  Families were out in numbers.  People appeared to be having a good time.  

The music was loud, very loud and when the band finished their set at 8:30, I took a stroll down Somerset St, assuming one more band was setting up.  Minutes later I returned to the sound of a familiar voice at the microphone.  It was Adrian Mapp, speaking to the multitudes with help from a translator.  He was being asked by the event organizer to allow the music to go past the City Council mandated 9 PM  end time.  Talk about being put on the spot!  How Adrian responded is worthy of mention because in my opinion, it demonstrates how our potential Mayor will operate under pressure.

Adrian said that as a Council member, it was his duty to uphold the 9 PM requirement.  He said that everyone is welcome in our city and he was happy to see so many people.  He was pressed a second time about allowing the show to be extended, and the large crowd waited expectantly for his reply.  He said that there are many voices in Plainfield and that they must all be heard.  He promised that the future of downtown festivals would be decided with all of the voices being heard.  The audience responded with cheers and applause.

PS - I found out later that Adrian had been sought out by the event sponsor to speak to the crowd.  He had only planned to be an attendee, like me.  When the sponsor saw I was present he offered me the microphone also but I declined.  Adrian had sent the right message and that was all that was needed.

PS #2- the sound system was turned off promptly at 9 PM.


Rebecca Williams said...

I have one comment about the beer-drinking and security of this event. As I was driving along Somerset Street at about 7:55 pm, I saw two families exiting--one of the men had a plastic cup of beer. While I was waiting in the long line of traffic, another man exited--he, too, walked down the street drinking his beer. The event organizers stated that there would be security to keep folks from leaving the site with alcohol. In the space of about two minutes, I saw two patrons exiting without being stopped by "security." The police need to be stationed at each exit to ensure that the laws of Plainfield are adhered to.


Anonymous said...

I am confident that Mr. Mapp will show the same commendable judgment when the time comes to appoint new Commissioners to the PMUA.

William Edward Kruse