Saturday, April 13, 2013

What Plainfield Needs

We have an election coming in June that offers voters a real choice in the Democratic primary for Mayor.  We also have a Charter Study Commission that is taking its job seriously in studying the charter for opportunities to help Plainfield.

Both are important to the city.  But the primary election is what really matters.  Adrian Mapp was the more deserving candidate four years ago but Mayor Robinson Briggs got re-elected.  She's had 7 plus years to lead Plainfield and she has been a dismal failure as our leader. We are fortunate that we have Adrian Mapp who is willing to take on the huge challenge of putting city hall on the right path.  If he wins the primary and the November election, he will have a mess to clean-up. But he knows what he is taking on and I am grateful to him that he is willing and able to lead Plainfield.

The Charter Commission is doing exemplary work and we should be proud of this group of dedicated citizens.  I look forward to their final report. I am confident they will present some important recommendations for Plainfield municipal government.  They have had some astute past city leaders come before them to share their knowledge.  Many have provided testimony to the Commission saying that a new or revised charter cannot break a tradition of divisiveness, short term thinking and self serving. How true!Only leadership can do that.  Adrian Mapp presents us with an opportunity.  Let's embrace it.  

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