Saturday, October 15, 2011

Plainfield Grassroots 5 K Run

Today I had the pleasure of running in the Plainfield Grassroots CDC's first annual 5kilometer run. The weather was perfect and the turnout was good. All proceeds will go towards good Plainfield causes. One of the best aspects of the event was that many slices of Plainfield life were represented - young, not as young (have to be politically correct), African American, Hispanic, white. The walk/run course led us through west, central and eastern sections of town. The organizers truly wanted to bring Plainfield together and they succeeded. Darryl Clark - wearing the blue jacket in the photo below - was a driving force for the event. There were many others. Kudos to all of them.

Unfortunately my other photos did not download properly.

For those skeptics wondering if I finished the run, I was proud to be the first elected official to cross the finish line and no, I didn't pull a Rosie Ruiz. Where there other elected officials in the event? No comment.


Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Councilman Storch: what did this event cost the City, for posters, for fliers, for DPW, for Police and Fire, for all the City employees who felt compelled to run or volunteer? Who paid for the balloon arch across Watchung Avenue and the big banner on City Hall? Who hung them? What did the Board of Education pay for the many school buses and the teachers listed on the committee? Hate to be churlish but this CDC is church-affiliated, and the "good causes" set to benefit very general. Has anyone looked into this CDC's "track record" (to make a bad pun).

Cory Storch said...

Pat - your questions deserve an answer. I will respond when I get more information.

Anonymous said...

Did you get any answers yet, or is this another item that will be swept under the rug and quietly forgotten?

cory storch said...

To anonymous
I don't know what items you think are being swept under the rug. Ms Turner Kavanaugh asked some questions and I am trying to get answers. The cost to the city is the one remaining question I am working on - as you can imagine, getting answers from city hall, even for City Council members, is difficult and frustrating. Regarding the track record of the CDC, go to the website for St Marks Church and click on SAT Prep for information on one of the CDC's programs serving the community. St Marks has a long "track record" of service to the Plainfield community.