Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why I am Running for Re-election

My wife Lois and I have spent the last 32 years making Plainfield our home in many ways. We moved here in 1979, bought a fixer upper on Osborne Ave, raised two children there, got involved as Cook School parents and made lots of friends through the youth soccer club, the symphony and many other civic endeavors . We've done what many people have done in Plainfield: we've fallen in love with this town.

I've served Plainfield in elected and appointed capacities for many years. If you are inclined to throw out incumbents, you may not vote for me. If, however, you appreciate someone who has never and will never give up the fight for a better Plainfield, I want your support on election day.

Here is why I fight for Plainfield: there has been an ongoing struggle between positive change and status quo in Plainfield. Forces for change were led by the late Al McWilliams. His second term as Mayor, when he had the support of New Democrats on the City Council, was a time when Plainfield's true potential was unleashed. I was one of those New Democrats who helped Plainfield begin to turn around. Our road paving program began. Abandoned homes were renovated. Our Front Street streetscape was installed and downtown development took place after 30 years of inaction. The North Avenue flood control project was completed and much more.

Unfortunately, Assemblyman Jerry Green regained power and, as chairman of the Democratic City Committee, helped elect Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs. They have been impediments to the fulfillment of Plainfield’s true potential for the last 6 years. June 7 is your opportunity to say you want to put Plainfield back on track.

Many friends have asked me why I want the frustration that comes with public service in Plainfield. I believe in Plainfield and have always felt our missing ingredient is leadership. This election is about leadership. I am running for the 2nd Ward City Council seat and my running mate is Dee Dameron, running for the 1st Ward-4th Ward seat. Our team includes a slate of Democratic City Committee running mates. We are for progress. We are for change. Help us strengthen the City Council and the local Democratic Party on June 7. We need your help to fight for Plainfield's future.


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Bob said...

Thank you Councilor Storch for coming to the aid of us at 735 Park Ave. when our parking lot wasn't being plowed this winter. I wish you the best and am one of many who are frustrated and disappointed by our mayor and Jerry Green.