Monday, April 18, 2011

Ugly Free Speech Update

At the last Council meeting, the Mayor expressed surprise that the Union County Prosecutors Office had taken the position that the Scarlet Letter was "ugly free speech". I just learned that the Prosecutor will be sending a communication to city hall confirming their position.

I also learned that the prosecutors office will not investigate a matter that doesn't rise to the level of a crime unless there is enough evidence to indicate that laws have been broken. That leaves it to Plainfield to do its own investigation.

The Hate Crimes and Ugly Free Speech resolution, passed by the Council this month, calls for the Mayor and her administration to conduct such an investigation and report to Council by April 15. There has been no such report to date. If the Council feels that the Mayor is not acting in accordance with the Council resolution, we may need to conduct our own investigation. I will be discussing this option with my colleagues.


Anonymous said...

Why you do a jobs investigation? Or a quality of life investigation? The County says there is no "there" there. Why do you talk about some issues instead of beating a dead horse. We get it. It was bad. Not as bad as our young men getting killed in the streets.

Bob said...

Please keep the mayor's feet to the fire. She is not trusted my many in this community. Also, I hope the City Council makes sure the mayor looks for a new City Administrator. Other towns don't seem to have a problem in their search, I wonder why we always do?

Anonymous said...

The council has more important things to do than to investigate this. Not that I think it should be overlooked, but I believe instead of the council doing the mayor's job - they should continue to point out how she is not doing hers.

The council should not investigate, they should demand to know why the mayor will not investigate.

Focus on economic development and how inept the mayor is.