Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Mayor's Responsiblity for Plainfield Recreation

The Mayor and her Administration have the managerial prerogative to continue recreation programs without adding money into the budget if that is their goal. Below are Mayor Sharon's three options:

1. During the absence of a Department Head or Division Head, the Mayor has the ability to assign the City Administrator or another Department or Division Head to cover the duties and responsibilities of that office. The Mayor has used this approach before to cover top level management responsibilities (i.e. As City Administrator, Bibi Taylor was assigned the responsibilities of the Director of Administration & Finance and CFO. Currently, the new Director of Administration & Finance, Al Restaino is assigned the responsibilities of CDBG Director and PAS Director. Additionally, Jacques Howard, the UEZ Coordinator, is also assigned the responsibilities of the Department of Public Works and Urban Development.) So, the million dollar question...why is Recreation any different?

2. The Mayor has the ability to create the Recreation Superintendent's position on a part-time basis versus full-time thereby extending or cancelling the April 15, 2011 lay-off. When the new fiscal year begins on July 1, the budget reduction would then be spread out over 12 months instead of 2 months. This option allows the Mayor to work within budget and still have the current Superintendent of Recreation maintain his position.

3. The Recreation Committee is a committee created by ordinance and comprised of concerned residents to provide guidance and recommendations on City-wide recreation programs. Its important to note that all Committee members were appointed by the Mayor last year amid controversy surrounding Queen City Baseball League and the Division of Recreation. Should the Recreation Superintendent's position become vacant, the Recreation Committee's services are still needed. The Committee could fill the service gap and provide the much needed citizen input into the type of programs our community deserves.

Each of these three options would work if the administration made a commitment to work within the resources provided by the approved budget. That has been the way every year including the last two years in which layoffs created staffing gaps that had to be filled. When there is a will, there is a way. These three options can be also be used in combination. All it takes is the usual effort expected of a Mayor.


Anonymous said...

You left out one thing. 'What the mayor can not do is violate the law.
She is duty bound to work within the legal system, established by the City, the County, the State and the Federal Government. Not working within those bounds exposes her to criminality from which she may be prosecuted.'

Anonymous said...

I didn't read anything about kissing people, or serving food. You may have a chance if you put that in one of your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Cory, although I don't always agree with you, I do think you are a smart and fair elected offical. Whats not fair is your calling the public stupid by taking money out of the recreation salary and wages then telling us that your not cutting recreation but your adding. What do you think we are fools! Its clearly an attack on Dave Wynn, who I don't care for either, but whats sad is while the Council and Mayor play politics we all suffer. Your post is accurate, the mayor probably can up keep the rec programs, but guess what, probably just to prove a point, SHE WON'T and we will all suffer. It's real easy for the Mayor to point the finger at the Council and for the Council to point at the Mayor. You have an obligation as my elected official to make it your priority to restore all funding and stop playing games, pick another fight that doesn't involve the children, if they lose we all lose! CUT IT OUT!

Bob said...

Thank you for clariying these option Councilor Storch. Unfortunately, the voters have seen our mayor convolute such simple steps to the detriment of the citizens of Plainfield. I hope she makes decisions for the good of us all.

Anonymous said...

The best decision the mayor can make for the good of us all is leave the post, and leave the city of Plainfield. Oh, and take Jerry with you, please.

Rob said...

Actually, anonymous at 10:21PM, I will disagree with you on one point.
The Mayor plays street ... the Council continually attempts to take the high road, well all but 3 of them who are firmly up Thug Sharon's butt, and this is where we lose.
The ignorant voters in Plainfield see the crying "Why Me, WHY ME"..."how can you do this, I'm a lady" showmanship on stage, I mean at the city council meetings, while the council sits there and lets her shed her tears and beat her chest.
The council will never win the war of public opinion taking the high road.
First proper step: LOOK HER IN THE EYE AT THE NEXT COUNCIL MEETING and TELL HER TO "SHUT UP". Stop the stage drama, tell her to go to broadway and apply for a part in a doesn't belong here. Start calling her out publicly on her shenanigans and pointing out what a hot mess she truly is.
Taking the high road may feel good, but the Mayor's going to win every time.
IF the Council wants to help the city of Plainfield..throw your decorum out the window temporarily and go after her the way she understands....humiliate her in public a few times and the wounded rat will slink back to Jerry to lick her wounds.
Jerry does understand public humiliation..he won't stand for a council publicly humiliating his little puppet and he will either school her proper, or get rid of her. She would be too much of a liability to him.
And per the "attack on Dave Wynn" be it, after the mess he created last year with the little leagues..and his programs only reaching less than 10% of the under 18 population, he asked for it. He could have cooperated and ensured he was in his position for many years. Now he looks like he ran behind Sharon's skirt crying "help me Mommy, they're all being mean to me."
You don't pretend ineffective management doesn't exist when the numbers are staring you in the face.