Sunday, June 20, 2010

Response to Assemblyman Green

Thank you Assemblyman Green for recognizing the power I have to influence the course of events in Plainfield. For the record, however, the Park Hotel was converted into a boarding home in 1970. I was a college sophomore in Buffalo, NY at the time.

As for group homes, I am guessing that you forgot the discussion we had a few years ago about the Park Hotel and group homes. I will refresh your memory. You came to me with a plan to close the Park Hotel. I told you that plans for the 170 residents would have to be included so they weren't just put out on the street. I explained that there are more humane solutions than warehousing people in large boarding homes. I mentioned supportive housing as a solution and that I work for a non profit organization that subscribes to the supportive housing model. You may recall that I am the co-founder of the New Jersey Supportive Housing Association and I invited you to speak at one of our meetings in Trenton. You did so.

Boarding homes and group homes are the traditional approach to housing for people in need. In fact, most special needs populations are capable of living independently if they are offered services and supports by human service professionals who visit them in their apartments. This is supportive housing - what I do for a living.

Supportive housing has the advantage of helping people with special needs integrate into the community. They are not in congregate housing which calls attention to them. They are living just as you or I do. Supportive housing as done by the non profit I work for does not take properties off the tax rolls. We do it as market rate rentals. Assemblyman Green - your claim about a bank being converted into a group home has nothing to do with the organization or work I am associated with. In fact I don't even know what property you are referring to. I hope this is not an example of throwing out misleading information and hoping some of it sticks.

It is sad that you are attacking me with false accusations. Recently you offered to give me the party endorsement in next Junes City Council primary election. Suddenly you have changed your mind? Would that have to do with my criticisms of your unethical campaign accusations of your political opponents?


Anonymous said...

The worst thing you could do would be to run on Jerry Green's line. We will support you off the line, but not on Jerry Green's ticket. No way. You can win easily without his "asistance." and he knows it.

Anonymous said...

By responding to Green's comments, you give him relavancy where none is required, coupled with the fact that he won't allow comments on his blog. That in of itself is reason enough not to take him seriously. My advice is to just ignore him. His comments do him and his party the most harm and the election results prove it. Just let him ramble.

Anonymous said...

To the June 23, 9:14 am comment.

I too suggested to the Councilmen that he should "ignore" the Assemblyman's blog posting and let it go.

His response to me was "your naive Jim" and he walked away.

I am so happy to see that at least one other person in Plainfield agrees.

jim spear