Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rebecca Williams for Plainfield City Council

I am voting for Rebecca Williams for Plainfield City Council in the June 8 primary election. Plainfield needs a strong, intelligent, independent voice to join the City Council at this critical point in time and Rebecca fits this description completely.

She is not reluctant to take a principled stand in the face of pressure from "the powers that be". This will be a very useful trait as we approach the new budget year. Plainfield is not out of the fiscal woods by a long shot, and the temptation to the Administration to outsource its way out of difficulties is questionable at best. It will take a strong Council to put the interests of Plainfield taxpayers first and make prudent budget decisions in the face of special interest groups. Rebecca is a person who will weigh the needs of Plainfield and not cave in to business as usual.

The City Council provides checks and balances to the Mayor and her administration. When the Mayor shows no willingness to cooperate with the Council as is sometimes the case, a strong City Council is needed to set Plainfield in the right direction. In the past few years we have seen wasteful spending, insensitive managers and ineffective services. Two examples are the Mayor's wasteful use of police bodyguards for herself and her inability to direct the Recreation Department to cooperate with the Queen City Baseball League. Rebecca would have made a difference in both situations. Only a strong City Council can stand up and help the administration make corrections that our residents need and demand. Vote for Rebecca Williams on June 8. Plainfield needs her.


Anonymous said...

Rebecca announced your endorsement of her more than a month ago. It's not surprising that you waited this long to announce it yourself--you often sit on the sidelines and wait. Of course you'd like to have another ally on the Council but if it's only to fight with the mayor, as you suggest, it's not going to help move Plainfield out of the mess we're in.

Bob said...

I agree on Rebecca Williams. I don't want to vote for anyone remotely tied to Jerry Green or Mayor Sharon. We need responsible people who will stand up to the blob that runs our state, county, and city.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Cory for supporting such a negative an nasty person to support.

This bodes very badly for your political future.

A former supporter of yours from your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Cory, I heard and then checked - you put out your support AFTER Rebecca sent out those negative fliers.

That means you support everything she is doing.

That is wrong Cory. You are a nice guy, but I am dissapointed in you on this one.

Nancy said...

Not good Cory. Not good.

Rob said...

YES !! Thank you for posting this. And this is not a "YES GO VOTE FOR Rebecca" post from me, although you did say that, which I respect. The fact that this city needs a City Council that is strong and willing to stand up to that HOT MESS of a Mayor, hand picked by Jerry Green I might add. Since Councilor Burney has refused to do the proper thing and help bring the Mayor into line he has become as big a part of the problem as the Mayor herself. His silence and refusal to help use his seat to correct the Mayor's failings say one thing---- HE APPROVES OF HER AND HER COMPLETE MESS OF AN ADMINISTRATION. He has thrown his sense of right and wrong that he obviously applies in business to play BLIND FOOL to Jerry Green and Company.
Thank you Councilor Storch. I hope you and the rest of the city council start taking more vocal stands against the Mayor. Since she obviously doesn't mind being looked upon as guys should go out of your way to show the public what a buffoon she is...And Rashid Burney can decide how foolish he wants to look in the end by deciding what path he chooses.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The winds of change has blown in to Plainfield and there will be more changes to come. Soon we will all be proud of being Plainfielders