Thursday, March 18, 2010

Plainfield Visioning Study

Community Visioning Meeting Saturday, March 27 from 9 am to 3 pm at Washington School. Repeat - March 27 is the date, not this Saturday as I originally stated.

Why are we doing this?: to open up the discussion and planning for Plainfields development to residents and business owners.

Who will be there? Local officials, Rutgers and NJIT professors and students, the community.

What's in it for me?: you can have a say in creating the blueprint for the future of Plainfield. This is not a presentation. It is an interactive meeting in which your input will be solicited.

What is the focus for the meeting?: development of the areas around our downtown train station, Netherwood station and Plainfield West along the rail corridor. The new Hudson River train tunnel will increase access to Manhatten for Plainfield residents and businesses. A one seat ride into NYC will be one outcome of the tunnel.

How can I participate?: show up for the meeting!!

It is important to lend your voice to this discussion. The future of Plainfield is at stake.


Alan Goldstein said...

This is a good start. The City would benefit from having a standing Development committee comprised of citizen and business representatives along with City development officials. Everyone needs to hold each other's feet to the fire if we are to get it done. We need to network and hand out our business card to attract ratables. It needs to be done with regularity, like a clock.

Anonymous said...

How can you have a direct ride into New York without electrification of the Raritan line? I thought NJ Transit looked at electrification years ago and discarded it because of the enormous cost.

Anonymous said...

Transit hub development in Netherwood could be very positive. I don't understand why there is consideration of the Charter school on the old ARC site, this is a perfect location for low density apartments to attract young commuters who take the train. A benefit to local businesses and a benefit to the second ward in general.

Cory Storch said...

Dear anonymous - you are correct about the need for electric powered trains under the Hudson River and they are on the way. They will actually be in use before the tunnel is completed and this opens up the possibility of limited one seat service to NYC on weekends in a few years. The tunnel will be needed for full service/rush hour service however.

JMG said...

The locomotives will be what they call dual mode, when on the Raritan Line they will run via a diesel engine then switch to the overhead catenary system (electric) once in Newark which will then make them able to run in the new tunnel. The dual mode concept has been around for fifty years (the former New Haven RR used a dual mode loco to get into Grand Central Station back in the 50's). Having a dual mode loco solves one problem the new tunnel is needed since the existing tunnels are maxed out capacity wise, there are no more slots for new trains to NYC. I don't think this will be completed as quick as everyone thinks it is, if I was a betting man 2020 is a good shot.

Anonymous said...

Plainfield needs to think bigger than just north side revitalization.

i invite plainfield to take a chance on something big. We need a huge event to draw people back.

olddoc said...

I believe a while back the DOT stated that instead of electrifying the Raritan Valley Line they were going to use dual power locomotives that would use elctric power from Newark into the city. Are the engines on the new double-deckers just diesel?

Anonymous said...

Can we demolish the projects already please crime rate would drop like you wouldn't believe

Rob said...

Thank you Cory for doing this.. I was so glad to participate in this event today !
--- I had so many good ideas as well as listened to SO MANY good ideas!