Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 - Predictions for Change

Having heard a presentation from the Plainfield Cable TV Advisory Commission last fall, I was impressed by a vision, clearly defined goals and attention to policy details. The vision is to use the cable TV channel to showcase Plainfield. That would be a good antidote to the mainstream news coverage of Plainfield which likes to focus on crime. Our cable TV station has been an wasted opportunity crying out for fulfillment. I am hearing plans to teach Plainfield students about TV production and teach viewers around the greater viewing area about Plainfield's many assets. Maybe it is time for our TV station to become an asset to the city.
In contrast, the PMUA did not share a vision for the future when they came before the Council in 2009. They seem to be satisfied with their current performance. I have been satisfied with my service but as the costs go up, it is not good enough to say that because waste costs are escalating everywhere, that it is acceptable. I am waiting for the PMUA leadership to step up to the plate and repair its public image so surrounding towns will become purchasers of services. Business expansion and a composting program are my vision for PMUA. Composting and other strategies to reduce waste at the source are going to become more important than recycling as we know it.
Leadership will make the difference between a commission that anticipates the future and achieves its goals and one that does not. I am hoping that the Council will be presented with commission nominations that have vision and are serious about improving services to our residents and not merely politically connected people who will maintain the status quo. The Cable TV and PMUA commissions need people who understand the opportunities that exist to connect Plainfield with the rest of the world in useful and cost effective ways. I would like to be as hopeful about the PMUA as I am about the TV station. That is another holiday wish.


active citizen said...

The Plainfield cable station is a waste. Unfortunately, everyone I talk to refuses to watch it, since it is covered with footage and pictures of our mayor and too often is a political showcase. We are all tired of that and don't want to see our mayor's face unless she's doing something truly useful for the citizens of Plainfield.

Bill Hetfield said...

Not much is going to change in 2010 without collaboration that is goal oriented. The council has not displayed the doggedness to bring about change nor has it shown the collaborative will beyond platitudes. This inability is tragic. Especially since with a "plan", Assemblyman Jon Braamnick & Congressman Leonard Lance could help Plainfield stop its downward spiral. The question is, do you Cory Storch have the political will and sophistication to move Plainfield forward? If this is of interest, I will be glad to talk to you about this further.

Alan Goldstein said...

Set up a program at the high school combining business and media, and let the students run the station in its entirety. This will be the most effective way to reach the largest number of Plainfield residents.

Marshall said...

Where is the council on getting the PMUA to change in 2010? Have you reviewed their budget and made recommendations?