Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life Just Got Safer on Kensington Ave

Speed humps have been installed on Kensingtion Ave! This street has long been a speeders paradise in spite of the 25 mile speed limit. The only traffic calming device this street had up till now was potholes. With the much needed paving of Kensington winding down, speeding would have become an even bigger concern.

Speed humps are different than rumble strips or speed bumps. They are more effective because failure to slow down will damage the underside of your vehicle. They make walking and biking more safe and so must be a part of any successful traffic circulation plan.

Speed humps are not preferred by fire and police officials. They don't like to slow down when they are driving to a crime or fire scene. They have successfully prevented installation of speed humps in Plainfield until now. Elected officials must balance their concerns with the need for pedestrian safety in residential neighborhoods. And it is true that speed humps must be used judiciously - good examples are streets like Kensington or Belividere Other towns including Westfield and South Plainfield have made good use of speed humps.

I have been an advocate for speed humps for my five and a half years on the City Council. So this is especially gratifying to me. I want to thank those responsible for the decision to use speed humps on Kensington. Rashid Burney was a strong advocate and Mayor Robinson Briggs dealt with the barriers posed by public safety officials. My advocacy was stalled until they jumped on the band wagon.

It's important to celebrate progress in Plainfield. Going forward we will have to make major changes to our roads program to keep it moving and make it more affordable. I am happy to say that traffic calming is now part of the plan.


Rob said...

I met that speed bump/hump today and I agree ... it was needed! Shocked me at first, but glad to see it slowly other vehicles down.

Anonymous said...

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. This is a good step forward for Plainfield, and we should celebrate it. Slow but steady wins the race. Thank you Cory for your diligence.

a resident said...

Thank you! These are very much appreciated. Has any thought been given to how leaves will be collected on the newly paved streets? It would be a shame to have them torn up using the usual crude collection metho of scraping the road with a bulldozer.