Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rick Smiley for State Assemblyman

Rick Smiley is a good man who is an Assembly candidate in the Democratic primary for the right reasons. He really wants to put Plainfield first. I served on the school board with him and he was a positive influence at a time when the school board was divided. Ultimately, he helped unite it and was instrumental in bring Dr Larry Leverrit to Plainfield as the Superintendent who set the Plainfield schools on the right path.

The one argument against Rick and for the incumbent, Jerry Green, is Mr Green's experience and seniority in the state legislature. Until recently I believed this argument for Jerry Green's tenure myself. That is until the closing of Muhlenberg Hospital and the state take back of Abbott school funding. It's not that Mr Green is at fault for the closing of urban hospitals. And the new school funding formula, while increasing Plainfield's property taxes, does have it's merits when viewed from a state-wide perspective.

The problem is that Mr Green is reactive. He doesn't have a vision for Plainfield. So when larger, state-wide and national forces hit home, he isn't ready to help his local constituents. He jumps into action when it is too late, when the only thing to be achieved is protecting his own public image. One of his strategies for self preservation is attacking others, even when they have no jurisdiction over a problem.

Mr Green -stop complaining about Dan Damon's blog. Simply respond with some facts if you don't agree with his. Stop attacking family members of local officials, people like the wife of Christian Estevez. Chris is an asset to our community. And don't you realize that attacking his wife opens the door for people to attack your sons who to my knowledge are doing real work for local governments. Stop making insinuations about real estate families. What are you talking about! How dishonest it is to hint about improprieties with no facts whatsoever. Put your cards on the table.

As for your attacks on me, please continue. My constituents think more of me because of them.

This brings me back to Rick Smiley for Assembly. Even if he wasn't a good, honest man, even if he didn't have a Masters degree in Public Policy from Rutgers University, even if he didn't have years of government experience, he is the right choice because he will represent Plainfield first. Jerry Green represents his own survival first and in the most divisive way.


Anonymous said...

Mr Green supported you. Twice. This is how you repay him?

Et tu Storch?

PubliusNJ said...

To Assemblyman Jerry Green:
Lets talk about negativity and families.

From: Jerry Green's Page
Wednesday, May 20, 2009
13 Days Until the June Primary
"Personally, I have no interest in being involved with any negative campaigns."

Six days later-
From: Jerry Green's Page
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
8 Days Until the Primary / Questions Still Unanswered / Ps

"Unfortunately, when I ask questions, the Cory Storch Team labels them as attacks on individuals. These sorts of *labeling games* are an *old Republican strategy* that I thought died when *Bush* left the White House. Asking about a School Board member’s *wife receiving a $40,000 raise* in one year, which sends up a *red flag to Republicans* as to why the State should *stop funding Abbott Districts* i.e. *wasteful spending*, is a legitimate question. My question to Cory Storch, is it worth the *City losing $100 million a year* because you want to *cover up* this type of *wasteful spending*?"

At least 10 negatives in one paragraph alone! I think that makes the statement from May 20 either a lie, or if you want a more charitable spin, a broken promise. Either way, not qualities I want from my assemblyman. And no backtracking saying your hand was forced by others. That's a weak man's excuse. A strong man either man keeps his word or he doesn't.

Again from Jerry Green's page
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
"I still ask the question of what did Dan Damon do to be paid $65,000 a year from the City as an employee."
Maybe a fair question, but who cares? His job ended 3 years ago, and he's not running for anything. Outing peoples' salaries and their "partners" without having a specific issue is "negative," designed to raise jealousy from those with less or complaints from those who love to be negative, with a sneaky dose of coded anti-gay prejudice.

Again from Jerry Green's Gage
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
"I cannot believe you have the nerve to mention that my efforts are solely for Jerry Green, when your (Storch) main reason for being on the Council is to benefit your family’s real estate business."

Note that this is not a question, it's a statement of fact. Assemblyman Green, do you have facts to back this up? It's not good enough to say that his family has members in the real estate business, you said "main reason." If you don't have proof, you are making up lies to harm someone. That's libel.

About families, we know you have two sons who are employed as public servants on the county and city level. But what about other relations?

Will you make public a full list of any relations, either by blood or by marriage, including your siblings, their children and in-laws, and your children's in-laws, who are now or have ever been employed by any government entity in New Jersey, including state, county or city level, and also including quasi-government agencies?

Unless you prove to us you are completely clean and have never used your position to further your family's interests you have no business attacking others.

And from Wednesday, May 20, 2009
13 Days Until the June Primary
From the only comment:

"Under a mapp leadership Plainfield would be a *secluded island*. I could only imagine how his arrogance and negative persona would *negatively impact the City*. There's only so much a Mayor can do *without help from all the different levels of Gov't*. In these tough economic times Plainfield needs to *make sure it gets its fair share of funding*. This could *never happen under Mapps leadership!*"

Assemblyman: You allowed this post to your blog. Does it mean that if Mapp was elected mayor, you would withdraw your support for Plainfield? That's what you are agreeing with. There's nothing "positive" about that. It sounds like a threat to Plainfield, which you don't seem to have the nerve to say yourself, but do it through an anonymous poster.

Do you, or don't you agree with the post?

Rob said... did I miss this post??? AWESOME ! I LOVE A SIMPLE EDUCATED NEWSPAPER TO THE NOSE OF JERRY GREEN !!! No comment other schooled Jerry.