Monday, May 18, 2009

Mapp is the Leader Plainfield Needs

In my last blog I explained why the PMUA issues offer leadership opportunities and only Adrian Mapp stepped up to the plate. Here are some other reasons I support Adrian:

1. He was one of the council members who initiated the road paving program five years ago. Mayor Sharon dropped the ball on it and we are only just getting to the roads, after a 3 and a half year delay.

2. Municipal finance is one of the weakest aspects of city hall performance. Mayor Sharon has had a revolving door of finance management staff, leading to budget mistakes, misinformation and missed opportunities. Adrian has a strong finance background, including municipal finance.

3. Adrian would bring honesty and transparency to city hall. Mayor Sharon and her coach, Assemblyman Green, have been anything but transparent. Sharon was a no show at a debate organized by Shiloh Baptist Church. Her campaign literature has no credible facts supporting her accomplishments with the exception of completing the Monarch/Senior Center. That's not much to show for 3 and a half years.

4. Mayor Sharon has yet to disclose that as Mayor she is on the Board of Trustees of Muhlenberg Hospital and has not attended one meeting, not even when the hospital was operating.

5. Adrian has a positive approach to serving the public. Contrast that with the strategy of Sharon and Mr Green, who are waging a negative campaign through his blog. Jerry Green's Page is used for insinuation, misinformation and personal attacks. Sharon allows the Assemblyman to make her attacks for her. A leader would disavow and seperate him or herself from such vindictiveness.

This is a choice between business as usual and positive change. There are other mayoral candidates but it comes down to Adrian and Sharon. Plainfield needs Adrian Mapp.


Anonymous said...

Could not have said it better myself. I'm surprised at the # of re-elect Sharon signs I see.

It reminds me of the second term election for Pres. Bush.

How can people support an incumbent who presided over one of the biggest losses to Plainfield in many decades. The loss of Muhlenberg is a HUGE disaster that we have yet to fully understand.

The fact that Ms. Robinson-Briggs was on the board of the hospital and NEVER showed up to a meeting is indicative of her style of working. Show up for photo-ops and ceremonies but dont show up when REAL work needs to be done.

If Mayor Sharon wins again, Plainfield deserves what it gets. No excuses.

Anonymous said...

That is a very strong endorsement, Councilman. I'm sure the rest of the council will endorse soon. It seems as if we all could benefit from the professional expertise that Mapp brings to the table. Since he has supported most of you sitting on the council, I am hopeful that the rest of the council feels the way you do. We cannot take another 4 years of mismanagement. When Mapp and McWilliams ran together last year, they vowed to fight for Plainfield. Glad to see you all stepping up!

Anonymous said...


Well chosen words.

Bill H.