Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Comment on comments on my blog

My practice has been to post all comments unless they are personal attacks on anyone or if they are off topic. Lately I have been receiving numerous off topic comments that clearly have a political agenda. Dear readers, I welcome your comments but I will not post it if I am writing about the city budget and the comment is about how certain Board of Education members who supposedly oppose Jerry Green are harming our school district.

As an ex-Board of Ed member, I know how hard that job is and how important it is for the whole community to lend their support to the Plainfield schools. Lets do everything we can to depoliticize our school district and focus on the academic performance of Plainfield youth.

Regarding personal attacks, they are not welcome. I have excluded numerous personal attacks or non specific blog comments on Ms Robinson Briggs and Mr Green. Read my blog carefully and you will see that I am critical, not of Mayor Sharon or Assemblyman Green as people, but of their performance as leaders of Plainfield. I try to make specific criticisms and offer alternatives. And I give credit when it is due.

To my recent and frequent off topic commenter, either get in the spirit of my blog or try another blog, perhaps the Assemblyman's, for publication of your comments.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Cory for not taking bad, or ill, comments! Setting limits is often seen as a "spoiler", but really, who wants to keep on passing around the bad energy of some of the readers?

I also applaud your position of supporting the "depoliticizing" of the School Board, and as hard as that might seem for some, it's one of those "growing pains" that Plainfield has to go through. We can do it!

I look forward to a better 2009 where leaders become better leaders. We, the residents, deserve good leadership and Plainfield, as a city, deserves to be looked as a model city that has emerged from the ashes of poor leadership. Yes, we will!