Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear Anonymous

Thanks to Maria Pellum for her response to my blog on the Mayors security detail. Not only for her thoughts but for her name. Most responses have been signed "anonymous". Actually I have received some really good comments from anonymous. So I say to you mystery people: don't be afraid - give us your names. There is too much fear in Plainfield but it evaporates quickly when you stand up to it. Bullying is a shell game when you dig beneath the surface, if you know what I mean.

I am considering posting only signed comments in the future. What are your thoughts, reader?


Anonymous said...

I agree it is refreshing to see people like Maria use their own name. However, I believe the identity of the poster is not as important as the contents of truthful posts. I am the the annoymous poster who remarked on poor Adrian getting shot at, the UCIA buying Jerry Green's dumps, and a few others. For reasons I rather not say, I wish to remain anonymous when posting, but will respect your decision if you choose to publish only posts of those who use their names.

Anonymous said...

Not a good idea. A name can compromise the issue at hand. Further, in Plainfield retribution is a reality. Where have you been councilman? Comments should stand on their own merit. Forget the source - the name.

Anonymous said...

I also do not think you should post comments with names. Signing your name is an option that people have. Anonymous comments allow people who feel as though their name might compromise some relationship.

I believe that having the anonymous name allows people to freely speak their minds. The blogs have been really helpful in getting true opinions out in the open. I think that free exchange of ideas is more important than knowing the person's name.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thanking me. And I totally agree that more people, with real names, need to start voicing their concerns.

But I also know that there are those who because of their position need to keep their ID undisclosed. For those I have a suggestion: Why not reach to the proper authorities, or your council, or your blogger of preference, and share your concerns?

While sometimes painful and uncomfortable, some of us are willing to take the risk, do the research, and try to solve the issue one way or another.

Just my thoughts.

Maria Pellum

Anonymous said...

I have often thought Maria Pellum was a smart, sophisticated person. And I still do. So I am surprised that she would suggest that all a citizen needed to do was call their councilperson or the proper city employee to get things done. People have been doing that for decades with no relief. For that matter, the many issues that MP has raised, I have seen little/no improvement. I sincerely hope she has. Maria, keep up the advocacy for what is right.

Cory Storch said...

So it appears that with a few notable exceptions, the feeling in Plainfield is in favor of anonymous comments.