Thursday, June 5, 2008

Plainfield Democratic Party: Can we kiss and make up?

This is the question of the day. It will take leadership to bring us all together. We elected officials will have to take the credit or blame for how it turns out. I want to highlight one recent small step that points the way.

On election night, after the results were totaled and the McWilliams-Mapp celebration was in full swing, Don Davis, City Councilman, 3rd ward and candidate in the election, came over and personally congratulated the winners. I know Don and his family. They have deep roots in the community. There is a lot family pride here and it wasn't easy for him to come over and face the group that beat him in a heated campaign, especially after the painful hits he took near the end of the campaign.

It was a classy thing to do. We all need to follow his example. I wish Don the best in everything and lets not forget he continues to serve Plainfield until his term ends December 31. After that, I know he will stay involved as will the rest of his family.

We Democrats will have to take baby steps to rebuild our team. At McWilliams-Mapp headquarters, in the middle of the victory celebration, Don Davis said this to me: "Whats done is done. Lets move on. Its all about Plainfield"

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you Cory.

It's now time for all of us to turn our attention to work together to solve Plainfield's issues.

Don and I shook hands outside of Cedarbrook school when the polls closed.

We both agreed, whatever the outcome of the election, it's all about making the city a better place.

What I realized through this process and the Muhlenberg issue, citizens don't have to be an elected official to make a difference. We all need to take that to heart.

Our elected officials need all of us to be engaged, offer our skills and abilities to the city. We can't sit back and expect them to do everything.

However, I do believe it is time for more scrutiny of how funds are spent in our city, and make sure the qualifications of the individuals match the requirements for city positions.

Just because someone is "nice" doesn't mean they are qualified for certain positions.

We, as citizens, should look for results for funds spent. We need a mechanism for measurement of effectiveness of programs. Good intentions are fine but not enough. Results are the ultimate measure.