Monday, June 2, 2014

I Support Rebecca Williams, Emmett Swan and Charles McCrae

Finally back from blog limbo due to password problems.

Williams, Swan and McCrae are Democrats in column E.  Jerry Green did not have the good sense to support them.  These candidates are people of integrity who are running for City Council for the right reason - to serve the residents of Plainfield.  I should say "serve the residents first and foremost," which sets them apart from their opponents in column A. 

As a life long Democrat, I am disappointed in my party leaders at the state and local levels.  Certain top leaders seem to continually put the party (or is it themselves) above serving the people.   Jerry Green's selections for City Council must be embarrassed by the alternating silliness and ugliness coming from Green's printing press.  Why don't they denounce his personal attacks?  Why don't they publicly disavow the distortions associated with their candidacies?  That they don't makes me question whether they serve Jerry Green first or the residents of their wards.

Those of us who have been around Plainfield politics for a while are not surprised that Green is doing last minute distortions and personal attacks.  He has been consistent about this but often didn't put his name on the attacks.  What is different this election season is that his behavior is on display for all to see, thanks to the David  Rutherford video.  The re-emergence of this video appears to have spurred Green on to an unusual amount of ugliness and distortion.  I hope enough voters have tuned in.

Even in a relatively calm (should I say "normal") election contest, Williams, Swan and McCrae would be well worth supporting.  Plainfield will be fortunate if the voters select them to represent us.

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