Monday, November 7, 2011

Election Day - Suport the Democratic Ticket

Please come out to the polls and show that Plainfield is committed to the democratic process. And when you cast your ballot, I urge you to vote for the Democratic team in column A.

Plainfield needs the support and cooperation of county and state government and our best chances are with effected officials from the Democratic Party. They understand best what the needs of our community are. The economic downturn has limited what government support is available to Plainfield. The Republican Party would deliver a much smaller slice of the pie to Plainfield if we do not return Democratic freedholders and legislators to office. And we need government support to alleviate our property tax burden and for the public - private partnerships that will bring redevelopment and economic growth in the future.

1 comment:

Rob said...

Truly sad Councilor. Truly've bought your own party's media bloated lie and patted your yourself on the back for it.
Please, give me a list of all we wouldn't have with Jerry Green gone?
Per your post and Adrian's belief's we should see quite a healthy list of things we won't have with Jerry Green gone.
I am never more stunned than when I see perfectly intelligent people throw their principles out the window because they've bought the lie. Go ahead...protect us from the stingy Republicans. I would love to see what our Democratic Masters have doled out to us since we should be playing the role of grateful peasants happy our Masters gave us 2 helpings of gruel today instead of 1. Why bother with the charade at the city council meetings anymore? Sad, very sad.