Friday, May 25, 2007

Quality of Life in Plainfield, Part 1: Trees

When Lois and I moved to Plainfield 28 years ago, one of the attractions was the trees. A neighborhood with a canopy of mature trees was very appealing to us. The visual appeal, along with the positive effects on property value and local (micro)climate, make trees an important ingredient of any community. But Plainfield's many mature trees are special.

28 years later: we have lost many trees to age, disease and storms, many more trees than we have planted to replace those lost. What Plainfield needed was a forest management plan.

I am proud to say that we now have such a plan. Thanks to some farsighted staff, we applied for a state tree grant 3 years ago. I called for a budget appropriation for matching funds and the Council made it happen. Since then, we have begun a program of tree planting and improved maintenance. We even started a tree farm. As of this year, we have a functioning Shade Tree Commission of trained Plainfield volunteers to oversee our tree management program. I am proud to have been a key supporter of the ordinance that created this commission. Our tree program is one example of how Plainfield is finally addressing its infrastructure needs.

Plainfield has a lot to be proud of. I'm not just talking trees. I am also referring to the Tree Blog created by a Shade Tree Commissioner, Greg Palermo. He is highlighting the many unusual trees around Plainfield. I didn't know that Redwood trees grow on the east coast. There are two Dawn Redwoods in my neighborhood! Check out the specimen to the right and Greg's blog at

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